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10 Interesting Facts & History About Honda

Japanese automobile giant, Honda, located in Minato, Tokyo, is one of the most recognized car brands in the World, but not many people know much about this brand except that they make great cars. Hence, we decided to compile ten interesting Honda facts:

  1. The founder of the automobile giant, Soichiro Honda, had no formal education and initially started out as a garage mechanic. He went on to establish Honda as a technical research institute in 1946.

  2. Asides from making brilliant cars, Honda are also heavyweights in the production of motorcycles. Also, Honda is one of the few companies that can compete head to head with other Automobile big weights like Ford and General Motors combined in terms of market value.

  3. In Japan, Honda is the second largest automobile manufacturer, behind Toyota and the eight largest globally.

  4. Honda is the pioneer of the very popular VTEC engines, and its creation is one of their most reputable achievements in the automobile industry.

  5. Honda were the trailblazers and the first automobile company to switch from the front and rear wheel drive to an mass-produced, consumer market all-wheel drive following the launch of its Honda Prelude.

  6. Honda Civic remains one of the world’s most driven vehicles even after four decades. The Honda Civic was one of the most fuel-efficient cars during its lunch, and it could even run for 40 miles on just a gallon of gas – way ahead of its competitors in 1973.

  7. In 1986, Honda launched its first ever dedicated luxury brand vehicle, Acura. Although it never really became the rave of the moment like the BMW, it was still a relatively successful market in the US. Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, even owns one.

  8. Honda has also been making strides in Robotics as it developed ASIMO under the Android platform. ASIMO is a computer program that helps people with mobility and physical impediment issues.

  9. During its infant years, Honda cars in the US, precisely Michigan, suffered a rusting problem due to salts used on the roads during winter. Honda elected to buy back these cars from the owners and finally crushed the defective vehicles before ultimately finding a fix for the rusting issues.

  10. Honda has always been an active participant in motorsports. And the Japanese Autombile giant made its debit in 1964 at the Formula One Grand Pix.

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