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5 Car Repairs You Should Not Delay

Over the course of your vehicle’s life, it will require regular maintenance– tune-ups, oil changes, new tires, and major fixes every now and then. However, while some of these issues can be postponed until your next scheduled trip to the mechanic, some of them cannot afford to wait. Below are five car repairs that you must attend to as quickly as possible once you notice them:

Oil Changes

Your vehicle’s engine needs lubrication for its moving parts to work effectively. However, over time dirt and debris may build up and the oil may become less effective. Generally, most vehicles will require oil change between every 3,000 miles when using conventional oil and up to 10,000 miles with fully-synthetic oils. Whatever your vehicle’s drain interval is, don’t put off an oil change; doing so can permanently damage your engine.

Brake Tests

Similar to oil change, your brakes can wear out over time and become less effective. It is recommended that you have your brake pads routinely inspected to check for abnormal waear. If you haven’t had an inspection done recently and notice any strange noises, vibrations, or shuttering while stopping, you should have bring your car in right away. If you’re in Austin, make an appointment with Tech One Automotive immediately.

Tire Replacement

Having your tires pumped to the right pressure can improve the handling and fuel efficiency of your car. Be sure to check your tire pressure checked at least once every month. Tires can wear out unevenly and depending on it’s position, you may have to rotate your tires after every oil change. Remember that tires have set lifespans, ensure you get them replaced as per your manufacturer’s recommendation. Bad tires are one of the major causes of road accidents, never take them for granted.

Windshield Repairs

A small crack on your windshield can quickly become one big crack that covers the entire windshield. Asides from the apparent visibility problem it constitutes, it is also a huge big safety concern. Tech One Automotive in Austin, Texas, can take care of small cracks, so time is of the essence here. However, for bigger cracks, you may most likely have to change entire windshield.

Engine Diagnostics

Your check engine lights come on for a reason and it is crucial to bring it to your mechanic’s attention if you do not understand the warning or know how to go about fixing it. Most times, continuing to drive your car can mean anything from critically high emissions to a potential overheating issue.

While some car issues can wait, some just can’t. If you notice any strange issues with your car, ensure you bring it to your trusted local service center immediately- Tech One Automotive in Austin, TX.

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