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Bad Driving Habits That Can Damage Your Car

Cars rely on great engines to work effectively; same way humans rely on their heart to function optimally. Keeping up with your routine oil change and working out when you need to change your spark plug are indeed very good habits. However, the manner in which you drive your car will go a long way in deciding the longevity of your car and of course how often you will pay your mechanic a visit.

Below are 5 driving habits that you may be indulging in that is quietly damaging your car:

  • Carrying Too Much Load

    Frankly speaking, what you own is a car and not a trailer. When next you consider stuffing all of your boxes, holiday gear and three of your friend’s bicycles for a holiday trip; think about all the load your poor car has to carry. If you don’t do it out of compassion, then do it out of love for your engine – because the more the load, the more the power needed by the car and thus the greater the wear and tear on your engine.

  • Consistently Hitting the Empty Mark

    Simply put, there is nothing cool about hitting every gas station while you’re out, or starving your car of gas. Every time your fuel reserves run dry, your car would literally have to scrape the tank for gas; down below where all the sediments and impurities lie – which can buy the way clog your fuel filter and potentially cause problems. In addition, the fuel pump could prematurely fail due to overheating because it relies on the fuel around it to cool it during operation. Always try to maintain at least half a tank of gas.

  • Sudden Acceleration and Braking

    I am sure you’ve seen it in the movies, seems cool right? Well, your braking system (pads, brake discs etc.) doesn’t find incessant acceleration and braking cool, and this act can prompt more fuel use. Constant hard stops will only bring your scheduled mechanic appointment arrive quicker.

  • Slamming The Throttle Unnecessarily

    A little bit of show off and noise pollution wouldn’t hurt, or would it?! While the sound of a revving engine can sound great, it can be damaging. Aside from needlessly burning fuel, you could cause premature wear to your vehicle’s drivetrain and tires on hard launches.

  • Riding The Brakes

    Some drivers ride the brake so much that you would mistake the brake lights for a shining red light on the freeway. While riding the brake may seem like playing it safe, it really isn’t. You may just be setting the stage for a potential brake failure when you actually need them. With every contact on the brake pedal, the pads touch the rotors and the drums, and if you constantly do this, you would only end up wearing out the discs, brake pads and rotor faster, ultimately decreasing your brake’s effectiveness.

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