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Honda’s are not very rare and it’s for a reason. It is because they are affordable, dependable, not expensive to repair, and fun to drive. Tech One Automotive in Austin, TX provides dealership alternative Honda repair and maintenance. Our technicians can give you the same or better repairs than the dealership and all with better customer service and satisfaction. At Tech One our customer are more than just customers, they are family; and we make sure our family, and their cars are taken care of properly. With a team of ASE certified technicians and master technicians our team can pin point problems quickly and accurately so repairs are fixed more efficiently. There is not any Honda repair or maintenance service we cannot perform. Additionally, our shop is equipped with dealership quality state of the art diagnostic equipment and tools. We understand how important your time is and we do everything we can to get you and your vehicle safely back on the road as quickly as possible.

Honest Dealership Alternative

No one likes going to the dealership to get their Honda repair and maintenance completed. You get treated like a number and not like a paying customer. There are so many people around, and almost none of them can answer your questions. If you do need a question answered, you will have to wait for the service advisor to find a technician, who will then maybe explain what is going or, more than likely just confuse you more. That is not the case at Tech One Automotive. We take care of our customers and are always happy to answer any questions and address all concerns. Did you know that you do not have to go to the dealership to keep your factory warranty valid? That is correct; We can take care of your factory-scheduled maintenance all while retaining your factory warranty. Furthermore, all repairs are backed by a 24 month / 24,000-mile warranty. Therefore, you know that your car is safe and in good hands.

Personalized Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Tech One Automotive knows factory scheduled maintenance plans, but maintenance is more than just oil changes, check engine lights and tire rotations. It involves changing spark plugs, belts, filters, fluids and the list goes on. We also like to consider the driver when performing maintenance services, because no two drivers are alike. One of our Honda Repair technicians will create a personalized factory scheduled maintenance plan tailored to fit you and your car specifically. Whether you drive on the highway or in stop and go traffic, we will create the best possible plan to keep your fuel efficiency and performance up along with keeping car maintenance costs down.

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The next time you are looking for professional Honda repair look no further than Tech One Automotive. We promise to take care of you and your vehicle the first time. Call or schedule service online with us today.