Radiator Repair in Austin, TX

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Fixing Any Cooling System Issue

The radiator is often the problem when your vehicle on the side of the road, with thick white steam escaping from under the hood. There could be a variety of problems that caused the vehicle to break down. Let us find out for you what you need to get back on the road. Maybe it’s a simple adjustment to the thermostat, or it’s a complete overhaul/replacement of the malfunctioning radiator. You’ll find out exactly what’s causing the radiator’s performance issue at Tech One Automotive in Austin, TX. Our master technicians. Another common radiator repair that we provide is fixing a leaky hose. The radiator hose is vital because it connects the radiator to the engine and allows freon to pass through. Hoses often need to be replaced because they may wear down over time. Vehicle owners do not need to wait for a radiator malfunction to replace a radiator hose.Let our timely radiator repair and maintenance services keep you two steps ahead of any performance issue.

Cleaning Rust, Gunk, and Residue

Rust is something to which your metal vehicle is always susceptible. The radiator is no exception since there is constantly liquid flowing through it. The team of experts at Tech One Automotive know how to identify issues with the radiator before you have a breakdown. For instance, rust can be spotted in the interior of your cooling system when there is rust/brown colored residue in the coolant. Rust from the inside of the radiator needs to be addressed as soon as possible. At this point, a radiator breakdown is inevitable. But it can all be diagnosed, corrected, and avoided with our experienced team. When you have our team of radiator repair experts on the case, you’ll have the final repair solution for any overheating. We’ll let you know if the cause is a freon leak, a loose hose, low coolant levels, or something else entirely. Monitor your vehicle’s temperatures and bring it to us as soon as you notice that it’s spiking higher than normal.

Schedule Your Radiator Repair With Us!

Our goal is to make sure you never end up on the side of the road. That’s our first priority, to protect you and your passenger when on the road. It’s during routine maintenance appointments when we’re able to find potential problems. Taking care of your radiator means analyzing and performing any services for your radiator repair or maintenance needs. If your radiator has broken down then we’re the go-to shop. Give us a call today at 512-900-4654 to schedule your next radiator repair or maintenance appointment. You can save time by scheduling your appointment right now using our convenient online. Next time you’re in the area–8601 Burnet Road–feel free to stop by with any questions or concerns.