Timing Belt Repair

Appropriate Maintenance is Key to your Engines Performance

Tech One Automotive provides professional and accurate timing belt repair in Austin, TX. Tech One understands how important properly maintaining your vehicle cannot only extend the life of your car but reduce repairs over time. Our extensively trained team of ASE Certified Technicians and Master Technicians are knowledgeable on all makes and models both foreign and domestic. The shop is equipped with dealership quality state of the art diagnostic equipment and tools to handle all repairs. We are not you average auto repair shop; we take pride in our ability to not only provide great customer service and dependable repairs. Our confidence in our services and repairs is guaranteed with an industry leading 4 year/40,000 mile local warranty, 2 year/24,000 mile nationa-wide warranty. Rest easy your timing belt repair is in good hands, when with us.

What is a Timing Belt and What Does it Do?

A timing belt is sometimes referred to as a timing chain or cam belt. It is a part within an internal combustion engine. The timing belt is responsible for synchronizing the rotation of the camshafts and crankshaft. The timing belt has teeth that rotate the camshaft in sync with the crankshaft. This process allows your engine valves to open and close at the appropriate times during each individual cylinder’s intake and exhaust strokes. The valves need to open at the correct time in order to allow fuel to enter the chamber. They also must close at the correct time to allow for compression. If this process fails to sync correctly fuel may not enter the chamber, or may escape through the exhaust valve. The result is a loss of power to the majority of the engine. On some engines, if your timing belt breaks, stretches out or becomes damaged it can cause the valves to remain open, causing the pistons to strike the valves resulting in extensive and expensive damage to the engine. Simple right? There is more. Some vehicles the timing belt will also run the injection pump, oil pump, and water pump. We understand, not everything involved with your vehicle is a simple fix and we are here to help when they are easy and when they are not. Your timing belt is one of the more complicated processes that sound like it should not be. However, it is not only essential to your engine’s performance but it will not start without it. If you are unsure when you should replace your timing belt refer to your owners manual or stop by anytime and one of our timing belt repair specialist will let you know.

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Don’t wait until it to late, have your timing belt inspected today and stay ahead of costly repairs. Your timing belt isn’t an easy task to diagnose or repair yourself so please have a professional inspect it for you. Out techs are always ready to help and answer any questions you may have. For professional timing belt repair call or schedule your appointment online today.